The Cleveland Browns had numerous intriguing storylines in the past NFL season, but Joe Flacco’s performance stands out. Despite Deshaun Watson’s absence, the seasoned quarterback rejuvenated his career, guiding the team through an impressive playoff run. Flacco showcased the ideal qualities of a remarkable backup quarterback. Awarded the 2023 Comeback Player of the Year, the 39-year-old expresses a strong desire to continue playing and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay on the field.

In an interview with, Flacco emphasized his determination, stating, “I’m not riding off into any sunset. It’s not my style. I don’t care how ugly it gets, I want to be playing until maybe it does get ugly. I want to be dragged off that field.” Despite acknowledging that not all decisions are within his control, Flacco remains optimistic about returning for the upcoming season, taking it day by day.

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The Cleveland Browns have indicated their interest in retaining Flacco, especially if Deshaun Watson faces challenges meeting contractual obligations due to health concerns. General Manager Andrew Berry expressed the team’s sentiment during a postseason press conference, saying, “We’d absolutely love to have Joe back. He’s a good quarterback.” Berry acknowledged the practical constraints but emphasized the team’s openness to Flacco’s return. Given Flacco’s impressive performance in limited snaps, any team in need of a reliable quarterback stands to gain significant value by acquiring him. In just five regular-season games, Flacco amassed 1616 yards and 13 touchdowns, showcasing his capability as a solid quarterback option.

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