In 2023, the Detroit Lions experienced a remarkable season, achieving 12 wins and making it to the NFCex Championship game for only the second time in their history. During the postseason, they secured a victory against the Los Angeles Rams, led by former franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford, in the Wild Card round.

Although Stafford had been traded in 2021, he closely followed the team’s success throughout the season. On a recent appearance on his wife Kelly’s podcast, ‘The Morning After With Kelly Stafford & Hank,’ Stafford expressed his lack of surprise at the Lions’ achievements, commending their talented offensive line, the effective play of their running backs, and the impressive performance of rookie players.

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Stafford’s departure coincided with the arrival of Lions’ coach Dan Campbell, with some overlap in their timelines. Stafford had the opportunity to converse with Campbell before leaving and was impressed by the coach’s engaging and authentic manner. Three years post-trade, Stafford still recognizes Campbell’s authenticity as a key trait shared by successful coaches in the league.

Describing Campbell as a player’s coach, Stafford highlighted the coach’s aggressiveness and the feeling that he puts trust in his players. Stafford emphasized the importance of authenticity in coaching, citing both Campbell and Andy Reid as prime examples, despite their polar opposite coaching styles.

When questioned about the Lions potentially unable to fly under the radar, Stafford countered by pointing out the team’s capability in handling top-tier opponents during the playoffs. He expressed confidence in the team’s experience and the presence of individuals who have been through challenging situations, indicating their readiness for whatever challenges lie ahead.

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