The method we prefer when evaluating the validity of a prediction about an NFL team’s interest in a player falls back on a basic principle familiar from your elementary school math class – “Show your work!” This insistence isn’t intended to be critical or contrary; rather, it emphasizes the need for a foundation and logical reasoning behind reported “news stories.”

For instance, a recent report links the Dallas Cowboys to L’Jarius Sneed, the star cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs. The initial response is a question posed on social media – who is the source of this report, and have they provided any substantial evidence?

The information in question originates from Tony Pauline of Sportskeeda, and while there’s no intent to discredit him, there’s a curiosity about the basis and logic behind his information.

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Sneed, a 27-year-old standout player, is on the verge of free agency after an impressive performance with the Super Bowl champions. Rumors suggest the Chiefs may use the franchise tag on him, valuing him at around $19 million for 2024, making it seemingly implausible for Dallas to pursue him.

Moreover, the Chiefs have expressed their commitment to retaining Sneed, emphasizing his importance alongside star defensive tackle Chris Jones. The Chiefs’ general manager, Brett Veach, has affirmed their priority in keeping both players, making any potential move to Dallas appear unlikely.

Even if the Cowboys manage to navigate their current salary cap situation, which is over by about $14 million for 2024, the real hindrance lies in the existing financial commitments to key defensive players. With players like DeMarcus Lawrence, Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs, and DaRon Bland commanding substantial salaries, adding a third cornerback with a $20 million price tag seems financially unwise. This move would result in a disproportionate allocation of resources, with five defensive players consuming 45 percent of the cap.

While theoretically possible, pursuing such a course of action is deemed impractical. The skepticism arises as to whether any credible authority within the Cowboys organization would genuinely endorse or propose such a move to a media outlet. Hence, the metaphorical red pen is wielded to express doubt in the margins of this speculative scenario.

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