Alex Van Pelt was dismissed by the Browns because ownership and…

On Friday, Albert Breer discussed the role Alex Van Pelt would play as the new offensive coordinator for the Patriots. During the discussion, he mentioned that people were surprised by Van Pelt’s dismissal from the Cleveland Browns for a couple of reasons. Breer also shared a noteworthy detail that the decision to let Van Pelt go was driven by ownership and Paul DePodesta’s dissatisfaction with Deshaun Watson’s progress. Breer expressed this sentiment in a sound bite that was later transcribed.

According to Breer, Van Pelt was considered the “glue guy” on Cleveland’s coaching staff. The decision-makers, including ownership and DePodesta, were reportedly unaware of Van Pelt’s significant contribution to the staff. Members below Kevin Stefanski were surprised by the decision to fire Van Pelt for two main reasons. Firstly, it seemed perplexing to dismiss the offensive coordinator after a successful season with 11 wins, achieved with four different quarterbacks and without key players like the fourth and fifth tackles and Nick Chubb. Van Pelt managed to build and sustain a successful offense under challenging circumstances. Secondly, Van Pelt was seen as a unifying force within the coaching staff, especially in managing transitions when new staff members joined or departed.

Breer acknowledged that it’s challenging to predict what Ken Dorsey will bring to the Patriots compared to Van Pelt, particularly without knowing who the playcaller will be. While admitting that Deshaun Watson’s progress was suboptimal in recent seasons, Breer argued against making Van Pelt the scapegoat for that. He suggested that perhaps ownership sought a candidate more committed to adapting the offense to Watson’s strengths. Breer concluded by stating that referring to Van Pelt as the “glue guy” might be overrated, as Stefanski was consistently the playcaller, and Van Pelt appeared more as an offensive assistant rather than a coordinator in his view.

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