Caitlin Clark Continues to Adapt to Intense WNBA Defensive Tactics.

Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark still has much to learn and endure in the WNBA. The talent is evident for the top overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft, but the constant defensive pressure from opponents is making life difficult on the court for the 22-year-old guard.

As noted by Michael Voepel of ESPN before Saturday’s game between the Fever and the Chicago Sky, Clark has been a frequent target of blitzes during ball screen situations. She faces blitzes more often than other players and even more than entire teams.

“WNBA defenses are doing what makes sense against a rookie point guard with significant offensive responsibilities: They’re blitzing Caitlin Clark. She’s been blitzed 57 times on ball screens, more than any other WNBA team, let alone any other player.”

This intense defensive tactic makes it extremely challenging for Clark to execute her plans on the court and contributes to her high turnover rate this season.

“She’s also averaging 5.7 turnovers, but given the defensive attention she’s facing and the adjustment to the speed, strength, and experience of WNBA defenders, turnovers are not unexpected. Clark anticipated this and is adjusting, both physically and in her decision-making,” added Voepel.

In the game against the Sky, Clark faced tough defense again, scoring only 11 points on 4/11 shooting from the field. She had six assists but also recorded five turnovers. Additionally, Clark shot just 2/9 from beyond the arc in a 71-70 victory.

Defenses will continue to focus heavily on Clark since she often has the ball, but as Voepel suggested, she should be fine as she continues to adapt and improve her game.