Business expert sends a strong message to Caitlin Clark for not demanding the same treatment as Michael Jordan in her Nike deal

Shortly after being chosen as the overall first pick in the WNBA draft, Clark inked a significant deal.

One of Nike’s esteemed executives, Sonny Vaccaro, known for his pivotal role in signing Michael Jordan to a groundbreaking sneaker deal in the 1970s, has expressed disappointment in Caitlin Clark’s negotiation with the sports giant. Despite Vaccaro’s experience and insights gained from his tenure at Nike and subsequent ventures with Adidas and Reebok, he believes Clark missed a significant opportunity by not demanding a similar treatment to that of Jordan.

Vaccaro, an advocate for athletes’ rights and vocal critic of NCAA policies, voiced his concerns to TMZ Sports, emphasizing that Clark’s team should have secured a more comprehensive agreement. He suggested that Clark should have negotiated for a share in all aspects of the deal, akin to the lucrative arrangements Jordan secured.

Clark’s deal, valued at an impressive $28 million over eight years, positions her as a notable figure in the sports world, particularly with the establishment of her own signature shoe. However, unlike Jordan, she lacks a royalty agreement with the shoes, receiving a fixed annual amount for the duration of the contract. This distinction highlights the divergent approaches to endorsement deals and underscores the significant financial impact such arrangements can have on an athlete’s wealth and legacy.

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