Magic Johnson has outlined a key requirement for the next Los Angeles Lakers coach as team owner Jeanie Buss continues her search.

Listen to the wisdom of NBA legend Magic Johnson. The Los Angeles Lakers currently find themselves in a precarious position, urgently needing a new head coach to steer the team. However, many believe that the addition of a star player is essential to rejuvenate the team. Lakers icon Magic Johnson appears to share this sentiment. The five-time NBA champion stressed that the team requires not only a new, accomplished, and capable coach but also a stronger and more effective roster to change their fortunes. Additionally, he highlighted a crucial condition that should be met for the Lakers’ next coach, as owner Jeanie Buss continues her search for the ideal candidate.

“We just need to make some changes and get better. Hopefully, we’ll bring in the right coach for the Lakers. But we also need to strengthen the roster. If we can accomplish that, we’ll be in good shape. In fact, I’m leaning more towards improving the roster,” Johnson stated during his recent appearance at the premiere of the action comedy film, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.”

Currently, one of the challenges facing the Lakers is overcoming the Denver Nuggets. Johnson elaborated on the situation in the Western Conference while praising the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves. He remarked, “When you think about Dallas, you think about Minnesota, but then there’s Denver. We’re struggling to beat Denver right now. Oklahoma City will be a formidable opponent for a long time… The West is highly competitive and deep. We need to elevate our game.”

According to reports from The Athletic, the Lakers have identified certain players who could potentially elevate them back to contender status. Donovan Mitchell leads the list, followed by Darius Garland and Trae Young. However, the head coaching position remains uncertain.

Jeanie Buss and the Lakers are facing challenges in finding the right coach. Following the Lakers’ elimination from the NBA Playoffs, the team swiftly parted ways with Darvin Ham. Now, they find themselves once again in a similar predicament. One name circulating in the rumor mill is former NBA player JJ Redick for the coaching role. If hired, this would mark Redick’s debut coaching season.

Following LeBron James and the Lakers’ consecutive losses to the Denver Nuggets, fan optimism has dwindled. To reignite enthusiasm and hope, the Lakers must establish a new synergy to regain dominance. While the suggestions from NBA experts hold promise, nothing has been confirmed yet.