The most critical position left to fill is the defensive coordinator role.

What an eventful month it has been for Michigan Football. Just 40 days ago, national media were discussing how poorly Michigan would fare against Alabama. Now, Michigan stands as the reigning national champion, Jim Harbaugh is pursuing a Super Bowl with the Chargers, Jesse Minter has also moved on to the NFL, and Sherrone Moore, undefeated as an acting head coach at Michigan, has taken the helm of the program.

Despite the setbacks of losing key figures like Jim Harbaugh, Jesse Minter, and strength coach Ben Herbert, the coaching staff is gradually regaining stability under Moore. Initial moves have primarily involved internal hires to maintain continuity and momentum. However, these weeks are crucial for Moore, as the staff decisions he makes will significantly impact the program’s future success. It’s a delicate balancing act of preserving what has proven successful for the program while bringing in the most qualified individuals for available roles. Some change is inevitable, and Moore, a former University of Oklahoma offensive lineman now leading Michigan football, must navigate this change without straying too far from the elements that brought the Wolverines to the pinnacle of college football.

The most critical position left to fill is the defensive coordinator role. Michigan’s recent national championship was largely attributed to their outstanding defense. Despite not having top-tier recruiting talent, former DC Jesse Minter excelled in devising strategies to thwart opposing offenses and leverage the strengths of the defensive players.

This appointment is pivotal for Moore, and several top candidates are being considered for the defensive coordinator role.

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