After the departure of Jim Harbaugh, Jay Harbaugh is still making his way to the NFL, but not to the destination we all expected……

Out of all the Michigan football assistant coaches who have come and gone under former head coach Jim Harbaugh, only one remained with the program for the entire nine years — Harbaugh’s son, Jay Harbaugh.

Throughout his tenure, the younger Harbaugh took on various roles within the maize and blue, initially serving as the tight ends coach, then transitioning to running backs, back to tight ends, safeties, and also serving concurrently as the special teams coordinator while being a position-specific coach starting in 2020. With a diverse skill set and a wide range of responsibilities, it seemed likely that Jay Harbaugh would join his father in the NFL this offseason.

However, that’s only partly accurate.

Indeed, Harbaugh has made the move to the NFL, but contrary to the initial reports suggesting he would follow Jim Harbaugh to the Los Angeles Chargers, he has been hired by Mike Macdonald’s Seattle Seahawks as their special teams coordinator.

It’s worth noting that Jay Harbaugh and Macdonald worked together in Ann Arbor in 2021. While Harbaugh spent the past nine seasons under his father’s leadership, previously, he worked as a quality control assistant for John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens, after gaining experience as an assistant at Oregon State.

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