Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio from WGR 550 in Buffalo provides background on the newly appointed Browns’ offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, as reported over the weekend to fill a key position in Cleveland’s coaching staff. Dorsey’s recent stint with the Bills saw successful offensive performances by certain metrics, earning support from star quarterback Josh Allen. However, despite these accomplishments, he was dismissed midseason when the Bills reached a 5-5 record by Week 10. Capaccio delves into the reasons behind this change and offers insights into what Dorsey brings to the Browns.

Capaccio answers several questions regarding Dorsey’s coaching approach:

1. Regarding play-calling, it’s uncertain if Kevin Stefanski will retain that responsibility with Ken Dorsey. Regardless, Capaccio describes Dorsey’s offensive mindset as a determination to execute their strategies, emphasizing the use of 12-personnel and creating mismatches.

2. Dorsey’s strengths include involving various players in the offense as pass-catchers or runners. However, his shortcomings revolve around lacking specific game-plan adjustments against defenses and having an excessive playbook, which could benefit from simplification.

3. Despite impressive overall statistics, Dorsey’s offense faced challenges in moving the ball and scoring points. In 2023, there was a struggle to surpass 25 points, and turnovers increased during his tenure. Capaccio dismisses the notion of Dorsey being a scapegoat but acknowledges the need for changes in the team.

4. From a personality standpoint, Dorsey is described as low-key, contrasting with the energetic influence of Jim Schwartz, who was hired by Kevin Stefanski in the previous offseason. Despite his reserved demeanor, Dorsey is highly competitive and a diligent worker, contributing a serious and focused approach.

5. Drawing from Dorsey’s experience with quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Cam Newton, Capaccio suggests that Browns fans can anticipate a coaching style that emphasizes utilizing Deshaun Watson’s mobility more effectively. Dorsey’s previous reluctance to use Allen’s running abilities shifted under a new coaching regime, resulting in favorable outcomes.

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