Deshaun Watson, known for his improvisational skills on the field, recently shared his dislike for scripted plays during a discussion on his Lockerverse podcast.

Watson expressed his belief that relying on a set of predetermined plays for the first part of a game restricts his ability to adapt to the opposing team’s adjustments. He emphasized that defenses approach him differently due to his versatile playing style, requiring him to make dynamic decisions based on evolving situations.

Watson acknowledged a tendency to start games slowly as he figures out the opposing defense but emphasized his effectiveness in the later stages when instincts take over. He cited examples, such as the Browns’ victory over the Ravens, where he overcame a challenging start to deliver an impressive performance in the second half.

While Watson’s remarks may suggest a preference for a more flexible and adaptive approach to offensive strategy, it remains to be seen how this perspective will influence his collaboration with new Browns offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. Watson’s ability to thrive in unscripted situations has been evident in pivotal moments, and he may seek to leverage this strength in shaping the offensive game plan moving forward.

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