If Jim Harbaugh decides to make a move back to the NFL, it could lead to positive outcomes in recruiting for the Tennessee Vols.

The head coach of the Michigan Wolverines has been contemplating a return to the NFL, and this offseason appears more likely for him to step down from his role at Michigan. This potential decision might have favorable implications for the Tennessee Vols in terms of recruiting.

According to information from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Harbaugh is scheduled to meet with the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday to discuss their head coaching position. The Chargers job is considered a probable destination for Harbaugh, especially given the presence of former Pro Bowl quarterback Justin Herbert on the roster. Harbaugh’s personal connection to the franchise, stemming from his playing days for the Chargers in 1999 and 2000, adds another layer of significance.

If Harbaugh were to leave Michigan, it would create a substantial opening in college football. LSU head coach Brian Kelly is viewed as an ideal candidate to fill this void. With coaching experience in Michigan from 1987 to 2006, as well as stints in Ohio (Cincinnati) and Indiana (Notre Dame), Kelly is well-acquainted with the region. Despite his successful tenure at LSU, the allure of the Michigan job might be enough to draw him away.

Should Kelly move to Michigan, potential recruiting repercussions may arise, particularly with five-star defensive lineman Dominick McKinley possibly decommitting from LSU. McKinley unexpectedly committed to LSU on New Year’s Eve, but if Kelly departs for Michigan, the Vols could have an opportunity to re-enter the recruitment process for McKinley. Given McKinley’s established relationship with the Vols’ coaching staff, Tennessee might even become the frontrunners to secure his commitment.

While multiple scenarios need to unfold for Tennessee to have another chance at McKinley, the possibilities of Harbaugh joining the Chargers and Kelly heading to Michigan are real and could materialize in the coming week.

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