According to a reliable source, Bucknuts has gathered that Bill O’Brien is poised to be named Ohio State’s offensive coordinator on Friday.

Initially reported on their Front Row message board on Thursday, the news suggests that O’Brien, with a history as the head coach for the Houston Texans and Penn State, will be taking on a significant role within Ohio State’s coaching staff.

Head coach Ryan Day, while remaining deeply involved in the Buckeyes’ offensive strategy, is expected to shift towards a more “CEO” role going forward. The development raises questions about the status of current Ohio State offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach Brian Hartline, who held the title of OC in 2023, but with play-calling responsibilities retained by Day.

The move, though potentially surprising to Ohio State fans, is viewed as a positive hiring decision by Bucknuts. Bill O’Brien’s extensive coaching experience, including NFL head coaching roles and offensive coordinator positions at both collegiate and professional levels, is seen as a significant asset for the Buckeyes. The report highlights O’Brien’s notable achievements, such as coaching at Alabama and his previous stint as offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.

The pending hiring of O’Brien is expected to allow Ryan Day to delegate offensive responsibilities and focus on broader aspects of his coaching duties. While the shift in coaching roles is subject to further developments, the potential addition of Bill O’Brien is regarded as a strategic move that could enhance Ohio State’s offensive prowess.

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