Parkway continues to showcase outstanding performances, particularly in their away games, despite facing challenges with injuries and illnesses among several key players. The recent achievement of securing a valuable point in a 1-1 draw against high-flying Gosport Borough is noteworthy, considering the absence of several players due to health issues.

Manager Lee Hobbs, already managing with a compact squad, emphasized the resilience of his team, commending their grit and determination. The recent display, achieved with just 12 fit players and two 16-year-olds on the bench, speaks volumes about the team’s current state.

However, injuries pose an ongoing concern for Parkway. Jack Bray-Evans is expected to be sidelined for about six weeks due to a groin problem, while Ryan Lane is gradually recovering and is anticipated to play 45 minutes in the upcoming match against Willand. Cameron Sangster and Mike Williams are also dealing with injuries, with their availability for the next game remaining uncertain.

Acknowledging the challenges, Hobbs highlighted the inclusion of his 16-year-old son, Teddy, on the bench as a strategic move to provide valuable experience to the younger players from the academy. He emphasized the importance of utilizing the club’s resources efficiently and creating a pathway from the academy to the first team.

Looking ahead, Parkway faces Hungerford Town in their next match, aiming to rectify the 7-0 defeat suffered on the opening day of the season. Despite challenging conditions and a shifting roster, Hobbs remains optimistic about the team’s ability to secure three points with a revamped strategy and the support of the home crowd.

In the context of limited resources and a need for internal solutions, Parkway continues to demonstrate resilience and adaptability, showcasing the potential for success even in the face of adversity.

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