Devin Brown has the chance to settle the quarterback debate in Columbus for the upcoming 2023 season. While many quarterbacks might feel the pressure before their first start, Brown appears calm and collected. He sees this game more as a showcase of his abilities than a high-pressure audition, knowing he still has a shot at starting for Ohio State in 2024 regardless of the outcome.

He expresses eagerness to finally play, unfazed by nerves, attributing it to years of playing football. Yet, he acknowledges that the anticipation might kick in during warmups or if things don’t go smoothly in the game.

The outcome of this game holds significant weight for Brown’s future as the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback. A strong performance could solidify his position, while a struggle might open up discussions within the team. However, Brown exudes confidence in facing Missouri’s defense, backed by praise from coaches and teammates for his skills and preparation.

Despite this being his first start, Brown isn’t new to the field, having had glimpses of playtime earlier in the season. His approach to practice, even when not the designated starter, has earned respect from his peers, showcasing leadership qualities that have become more evident since taking over following McCord’s departure.

The journey to this game has been a roller coaster for Ohio State, altering expectations for the season. However, Brown’s performance carries weight in shaping the team’s prospects for the coming year, especially considering other potential quarterback options and transfers on the horizon.

Coach Ryan Day emphasizes Brown as their quarterback, highlighting this game as a chance for Brown to build confidence within the team as they move forward.

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