The asking prices are steep. A 16-15 kickoff for the Los Angeles Lakers has sparked numerous trade speculations. Names linked to LA include Zach LaVine from the Chicago Bulls and Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks, particularly gaining traction recently.

In these trade talks, the discussion about which players might leave Los Angeles has become a significant point of contention. Fans and analysts weigh reasons for either trading or keeping players like Max Christie, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura.

However, NBA Insider Shams Charania recently highlighted Austin Reaves and Max Christie as the players teams desire. He mentioned, “The Lakers obviously have shown no inclination of moving Austin Reaves, don’t wanna move Austin Reaves, but those are the types of players that teams will ask for.”

Charania’s insight into involving Christie/Reaves in a trade aligns with the Lakers having only one first-round pick, creating a hurdle in providing sufficient value for a potential acquisition. Without offering Christie or Reaves, the Lakers’ options might involve trading D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura (along with one first-round pick), which might not attract the caliber of player the team needs.

Moreover, the New York Knicks have also shown interest in Dejounte Murray. They consider Murray an ‘ideal’ trade target, possessing more tradeable assets compared to the Lakers, potentially complicating the Lakers’ pursuit.

If Murray becomes unavailable, the focus might shift towards Zach LaVine, who seems to attract less interest from other teams, potentially easing the Lakers’ acquisition process.

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