Reportedly admiring the Baltimore Ravens organization, Washington Commanders owner Josh Harris might set his sights on Mike Macdonald as the team’s prospective head coach should he decide to part ways with Ron Rivera at the end of this season.

Amidst the Commanders’ struggles under Rivera’s leadership this season, signs suggest a change in coaching could be imminent. Reports hint at Harris intending to move on from Rivera, spurred by the team’s disappointing performance this year.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated highlighted Harris’s apparent fondness for the Ravens’ organizational methods, potentially influencing the Commanders’ future. To mirror the Ravens’ approach, Harris could consider appointing Mike Macdonald, currently the Ravens’ defensive coordinator, as a crucial initial step in reshaping the Commanders.

At 36 years old, Macdonald has gained prominence as a coaching prospect, notably for his defensive prowess. His recent success in orchestrating the Ravens’ defense against the San Francisco 49ers has amplified his standing as a top candidate for coaching vacancies.

Under Macdonald’s tenure as defensive coordinator, the Ravens have exhibited impressive defensive performances, ranking among the league’s best in points allowed and sacks. Breer also suggested Harris might eye Ravens personnel like Joe Hortiz or Nick Matteo for potential roles within the Commanders’ organization.

While Washington wouldn’t be the sole contender for Macdonald’s services, the prospect of aligning with former Ravens executives and emulating their organizational structure might sway his decision. Given Macdonald’s achievements in Baltimore, securing him as the Commanders’ head coach could be a significant priority for Harris.

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