Yankees manager Aaron Boone defends umpire Ángel Hernández amid backlash.

Since taking over as the New York Yankees manager in 2018, Aaron Boone has had numerous heated exchanges with umpires. However, on Tuesday, he defended one of the most controversial umpires, Ángel Hernández, following Hernández’s sudden retirement.

Hernández’s departure sparked another wave of critical comments, but Boone did not join in. “It’s a long career. I think he’s wrongly been a poster child and can be a punching bag of officiating,” Boone said, adding that Hernández’s treatment has “sometimes been unfair and over the top.”

Boone noted that Hernández has “spent a lot of time in this league, cared about his craft, and I wish him well.” He continued, praising Hernández as “a great guy” and expressing hope for his future, while also lamenting the excessive criticism he has faced, even in retirement.

Retired Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia contributed to the criticism, posting a “That’s All Folks” Looney Tunes gif on Twitter after the news of Hernández’s retirement. Sabathia had previously criticized Hernández following a 2018 postseason game, saying, “He shouldn’t be anywhere near a playoff game.”