Michael Jordan returns, sweating for Gatorade once again.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Gatorade’s taglines were as iconic as those of Nike, largely due to their shared spokesperson, Michael Jordan. Now, Gatorade has launched its biggest brand campaign ever, reviving the classic tagline “Is it in you?”

Narrated by Jordan, the first major ad in this campaign features the brand’s signature black and white visuals of athletes with vibrant Gatorade-colored sweat. This time, athletes like Caitlin Clark, A’ja Wilson, Jayson Tatum, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, and Josh Allen take the spotlight.

Jordan’s voiceover accompanies modern sports clips, stating, “Everything about the game has changed, except the most important thing: What you have inside.” This message aligns with research indicating that 53% of Gen Z athletes who quit sports cite external pressures as a key factor. By emphasizing internal motivation and passion, Gatorade aims to inspire young athletes and, of course, boost sales.

Despite being the market leader with two-thirds of all sports drink sales, according to Beverage Digest, Gatorade faces competition from brands like Bodyarmor and Prime amid a general decline in sports drink consumption.

Brands need to communicate why they matter more than competitors, beyond just product quality and flavor. Gatorade’s new campaign effectively taps into its unique cultural legacy, celebrating the enduring aspects of sports and culture while highlighting its history. The ad serves as a strong reminder of Gatorade’s presence during Michael Jordan’s heyday, reinforcing its deep-rooted legacy in the sports world.