It is advisable for Michael Penix Jr. to refrain from playing for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024.

NFL Network’s Marc Ross stirred up controversy with one of his draft predictions, suggesting that all six rookie quarterbacks from the 2024 NFL draft, including Michael Penix Jr. of the Atlanta Falcons, will start in week one. This assertion sparked a debate, particularly focusing on the implications of Penix starting so early in the season, indicating a potential deviation from the team’s original plans.

Ross clarified that Penix starting from day one wouldn’t result from him outperforming presumed starter Kirk Cousins during training camp, but rather because Cousins hadn’t fully recovered from his season-ending Achilles injury. While Cousins appears to be making progress in his rehabilitation based on limited video footage, there’s uncertainty surrounding his readiness for the season opener.

If Cousins isn’t available, it raises questions about the hefty contract the Falcons bestowed upon him during the offseason. The initial strategy behind acquiring Cousins and drafting Penix was to rely on Cousins to lead a playoff-caliber roster while allowing Penix to develop behind the scenes. If Cousins isn’t able to fulfill this role, the situation becomes more complicated.

Should Penix perform well in Cousins’ absence, the team faces a dilemma regarding whether to bench him due to Cousins’ contract obligations. This potential scenario could unnecessarily complicate matters for the team.

Ideally, Cousins would complete the entire season, as he has done in previous years before his injury, while Penix continues to refine his skills until an opportunity arises in the future.

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