Mark Pope offers insights on the recent inclusion of an experienced point guard from the transfer portal.

The Kentucky Wildcats recently bolstered their defensive lineup and sought to complement it with top-tier scoring guards. Mark Pope achieved just that by recruiting former West Virginia point guard Kerr Kriisa for the 2024-25 season.

During his tenure at West Virginia last season, Kriisa maintained solid averages of 11 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game. Notably, he boasted a 42.4% success rate from beyond the arc, demonstrating both accuracy and volume in his shooting. Kriisa’s standout attribute lies in his exceptional passing skills, evident when analyzing his gameplay on film.

Coach Pope expressed enthusiasm about Kriisa’s addition, emphasizing his reputation as one of the nation’s premier shooters and highlighting his extensive experience in college basketball. Pope had been tracking Kriisa’s progress since his days as a prep player, admiring his contributions to successful Arizona and West Virginia teams. He praised Kriisa’s competitive spirit and predicted a significant impact on both the team’s performance on the court and the dynamics within the locker room, anticipating a warm reception from Kentucky fans due to his charismatic personality.

With the addition of Kriisa, the Wildcats are poised to field a mature team, which could prove advantageous in the NCAA Tournament. Kriisa’s seasoned presence on the court adds depth to the roster and aligns with Coach Pope’s vision for a well-rounded team.

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