Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney aim to portray the reality of their football club in “Welcome to Wrexham” with utmost transparency and honesty, revealing its truth “nakedly.”

FX’s “Welcome to Wrexham” stands out among television docuseries due to its unique premise, which follows Hollywood stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds as they embark on the unconventional journey of owning a football club. What sets the series apart is its commitment to authenticity, as it presents the reality of the situation “warts and all.”

According to Reynolds, the honesty depicted in the series is essential to portray the complex relationship between the town, the club, and the owners accurately. This means showcasing both positive and less flattering moments, such as the challenges faced by McElhenney and Reynolds, and their reactions to them.

McElhenney acknowledges the difficulty of being transparent about his own actions and emotions, especially when they may not reflect his best self. However, he believes that honesty is compelling and essential for engaging audiences genuinely.

Both McElhenney and Reynolds emphasize the importance of avoiding vanity and ego in storytelling, as these traits can detract from genuine connection with viewers. They believe in including moments that may not be flattering but contribute to a more authentic narrative.

The series has primarily focused on the goal of promoting Wrexham A.F.C. to League One, achieving success in the second season. Moving forward, McElhenney and Reynolds aim to create a sustainable model for the club that benefits the town for generations to come, with the ultimate ambition of reaching the Premier League.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of their venture, the duo finds fulfillment in the emotional investment they’ve made in the town and the club. They view it as a rewarding experience that goes beyond financial gain.

“Welcome to Wrexham” Season 3 premieres on FX, with new episodes airing weekly and available for streaming on Hulu.

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