Two Arkansas players are anticipated to have a significant impact on the 2025 NFL Draft.

The recent NFL draft brought anticipation for Arkansas supporters, pondering whether Treylon Burks, a former Razorback first-round pick, will remain with the Tennessee Titans after potential cuts in June.

Given Tennessee’s new coaching staff and Burks’ history of injuries, there was speculation about his future with the team. Fortunately, it seems the new regime is willing to evaluate him and his remaining rookie contract before making any decisions.

The Titans selected wide receiver Jha’Quan Jackson in the sixth round, but it doesn’t necessarily signal an immediate push to replace Burks.

Yet, ESPN’s 2025 NFL mock draft hints that Burks may not have a breakout season. Missouri’s Luther Burden is projected as a potential replacement if Burks fails to prove his worth by staying healthy and performing as expected.

Burks’ past two seasons have been underwhelming compared to his collegiate performance, raising doubts about his future. However, with Coach Callahan’s track record of developing SEC players and promising comments about Burks’ versatility, there’s hope for a fresh start.

Looking ahead, the 2025 NFL draft is expected to feature many SEC players in the top picks, including potential stars like Landon Jackson from Arkansas.

Jackson’s decision to return for another season suggests high expectations, especially after his impressive stats improvement last year.

Both Burks and Jackson will be closely watched by Arkansas fans, knowing their performances will significantly impact the 2025 NFL Draft’s first round.

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