A former Florida State University player blames Georgia for the players opting out of the Orange Bowl.

A former NFL player who once played for Florida State University has offered intriguing insights into why numerous players opted out of the 2024 Orange Bowl. The Georgia Bulldogs recently secured a significant victory against the Seminoles in that game, with a scoreline of 63-3. This win marked a notable moment in the Bulldogs’ season, ending with a 13-1 record and handing the Seminoles their sole defeat of the 2023 season.

However, some critics argue that the Bulldogs’ triumph should be viewed with skepticism due to the high number of players who opted out from Florida State’s side. These opt-outs were attributed to the disappointment of being excluded from the college football playoff, despite the Seminoles boasting a 13-0 record prior to this omission.

In response to the controversy surrounding the exclusion and the Bulldogs’ victory, former Florida State player and current Buffalo Bills wide receiver Keon Coleman has voiced his opinion. Coleman suggests that the Bulldogs bear responsibility for the Seminoles’ opt-outs. He claims that had Georgia won their game against Alabama in the SEC Championship, Florida State would not have experienced such a high number of opt-outs.

Coleman asserts, “If Georgia had won, the true comparison between Florida State and Georgia would have been revealed in the ‘matter bowl,’ the significant game. We wouldn’t participate in a game deemed insignificant. But if Georgia had won as expected, they would have faced us.”

Some argue that Georgia’s loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship indirectly influenced both teams’ exclusion from the College Football Playoff, as it allowed Alabama to secure the fourth playoff spot. While Georgia might share some responsibility for Florida State’s opt-outs, it’s doubtful that the absence of Florida State’s starters alone would have accounted for such a significant point differential in the game.

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