The Oilers are aiming for another fast start against the Kings in Game 4.

In Los Angeles, the Edmonton Oilers have asserted authority over their Western Conference First Round series against the Los Angeles Kings and are now aiming to firmly establish their dominance.

Heading into Game 4 on Sunday with a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 series, Oilers captain Connor McDavid emphasized the significance of the upcoming match. Regardless of the series score, Game 4 holds substantial weight, as McDavid highlighted, especially after the Oilers’ lesson from Game 2 where they started slowly, conceding three goals in the first period.

In their recent 6-1 triumph in Game 3, Edmonton demonstrated their capability to seize control early, mirroring their approach in Game 1, where they surged ahead with an early lead. However, McDavid acknowledged the Kings’ resilience and anticipates a strong response from them in Game 4, emphasizing the need for Edmonton to match their opponent’s level of determination.

Understanding the Kings’ strategy to excel with a lead and disrupt opponents’ gameplay through tight defense, McDavid stressed the importance of scoring first to unsettle their structured play. Acknowledging the Kings’ proficiency in generating offense from turnovers in the neutral zone, McDavid highlighted the Oilers’ efforts to counter their tactics with varied approaches.

Despite Los Angeles’ historical success with a defensive-oriented style, particularly in their Stanley Cup victories in 2012 and 2014, they’ve encountered challenges containing the Oilers in recent playoff encounters. Kings forward Blake Lizotte emphasized the team’s commitment to their identity of tight-checking play, aiming to minimize Edmonton’s scoring opportunities.

Looking ahead, the Kings aim to maintain competitiveness, avoiding early deficits to prevent being drawn into Edmonton’s fast-paced transition game. Interim coach Jim Hiller emphasized the importance of adhering to their game plan more effectively, believing it holds the key to success against the high-flying Oilers.

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