Coach John Calipari Hits Another Home Run for Razorbacks


New basketball coach John Calipari made quite an impression on Razorback fans during a baseball game at Baum-Walker Stadium. With just one pitch, he delivered a strike over the plate, showcasing his athleticism and adding to the excitement surrounding the Razorbacks.


Calipari’s presence at the stadium highlights his dedication to building his brand and connecting with fans, even amidst the challenges of revitalizing a depleted basketball roster. Dave Van Horn, the baseball coach, warmly welcomed Calipari and expressed his support for him to engage with fans and promote Razorback athletics.


Despite the Razorbacks’ loss in the second game of the doubleheader against Florida, Calipari’s unexpected hiring has generated significant buzz. His enthusiasm for being part of the Razorback community is evident, and his presence adds to the camaraderie and appreciation between different sports programs on campus.


While Calipari’s pitching skills may not have led to a sweep of the weekend series, his involvement in Razorback athletics further solidifies the unity and cooperation within the athletic department.

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