Many uncertainties surround the composition of the Michigan football coaching staff,

Many uncertainties surround the composition of the Michigan football coaching staff, particularly in relation to how it will ultimately take shape under Sherrone Moore’s leadership. Despite being almost two weeks since Moore’s appointment, Michigan football has yet to finalize its coaching staff. The retention of key figures like Steve Clinkscale, the co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach for the past three seasons, and D-line coach Mike Elston is desired by the Wolverines.

The absence of official announcements regarding their return raises speculation about the possibility of their departure, a sentiment amplified by Jay Harbaugh opting for a position with the Seahawks instead of the Chargers, thereby creating a vacancy in the secondary. There are already rumors circulating about Clink’s potential move to Los Angeles.

The potential exits of Clink and Elston could trigger transfers from the portal, something Michigan football has managed to avoid thus far. The status of Mike Hart remains unknown, and the team also requires a linebackers coach. Dylan Roney, a candidate who served as a graduate assistant in recent seasons, is set to join Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles, as reported by Sam Webb of the Michigan Insider. Additionally, analyst Doug Mallory is departing to coach the secondary in Baltimore.

According to Webb, Joe Cullen is under consideration for the defensive coordinator role, with clarity expected post the Super Bowl. Cullen currently coaches the D-line for the Chiefs. While the possibility of Clink for defensive coordinator has been entertained, Moore appears determined to follow Jim Harbaugh’s precedent of hiring from the NFL, as seen with Jesse Minter and Mike Macdonald.

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