Pittsburgh Steelers Are Psycologically Intreasted Of Bringing QB Competition Without Their Talented Key Star Player And…

The Pittsburgh Steelers have acknowledged they need to bring in competition at the quarterback position, whether that’s Mason Rudolph or someone else. Why? Because they understand where this team could be when they have “quality play” at the position.

With Mason Rudolph as their starter, the Steelers discovered all of their question marks at other positions weren’t real. George Pickens was a star. Diontae Johnson was just as good as they believed. Pat Freiermuth could be utilized how they hoped. The running game was dominant, and the defense was even better.

So, heading into a new year, they aren’t going to waste that. They’re tired of not winning playoff games, and are fully embracing the quarterback position is holding them back.

They made the big-time hire at offensive coordinator, and chances are they continue to beef up their offense throughout the offseason.

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