The three most apparent requirements for Ohio State football emerging from the transfer portal.

The Ohio State football program excelled in utilizing the transfer portal, arguably outperforming other programs nationwide. They secured a starting quarterback, the top QB in the 2024 recruiting class, a starting offensive lineman, a standout safety ranking among the nation’s best, a highly skilled running back, and a capable tight end.

Given these successful acquisitions, it’s challenging to criticize the Buckeyes’ efforts. At least four of these transfers are expected to play significant roles in the 2024 season, contributing to the high expectations for Ohio State’s ranking. The team boasts exceptional talent compared to many others around the country.

However, there are still areas that need attention for the Ohio State football team. No team is flawless, but the Buckeyes are committed to addressing their remaining needs. They have the option to explore the transfer portal further when the Spring window opens in a few months, coinciding with the start of Spring practice.

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