The fate of the 2024 Buckeye season will depend significantly on the performance of the offensive line.

The Ohio State football team is poised for a strong 2024 season, boasting an impressive roster with top-notch recruits and transfers secured by Ryan Day and his coaching staff. The team appears to be exceptionally talented, particularly on the defensive front, where they have retained nine starters and added Caleb Downs to the lineup.

Despite the numerous successes in Columbus during the offseason, the outcome of the 2024 football season is likely to be determined by the growth and progress of the offensive line. Former Alabama center Seth McLaughlin is anticipated to assume a key role for the Ohio State football team, taking over from Carson Hinzman, who, at best, delivered an average performance. McLaughlin’s presence is expected to be an improvement, but the offensive line’s overall development remains a crucial factor for the team’s success.

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