Ohio State Enthusiast Collides With Iowa’s Caitlin Clark in the Midst of Court Celebration

Following No. 18 Ohio State’s upset victory over No. 2 Iowa, fans flooded the court in Columbus, resulting in a concerning incident. A Buckeyes supporter, running onto the court with a phone in hand, collided with Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark, causing both individuals to fall to the floor.

The game ended in an overtime win for Ohio State, with a final score of 100-92, prompting the court storming. A fan collided with Clark, who remained on the floor for a period before being assisted to the locker room.

In a post-game press conference, Clark assured that she was okay, mentioning that Ohio State’s athletic director, Gene Smith, apologized for the collision. She described the collision as “kinda scary” and acknowledged the potential for serious injury. Iowa coach Lisa Bluder expressed disappointment in the incident, emphasizing the need for player safety and condemning inappropriate behavior from fans.

This incident follows recent concerns raised by Purdue coach Matt Painter about court storms in the Big Ten, urging better preparation to avoid potential injuries. Clark delivered an outstanding performance in the game, scoring 45 points, providing seven assists, and grabbing three rebounds, while Ohio State’s Cotie McMahon contributed 33 points and 12 rebounds to secure the victory.

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