Recommendations Suggest Browns Should Bring Back Previous Starting Quarterback to Serve as Deshaun Watson’s Backup

Joe Flacco’s impressive performance in the playoffs seems to have resolved any potential quarterback controversy for the Cleveland Browns this offseason. However, the team recognizes the importance of addressing the backup quarterback position, especially with free agency approaching in less than two months.

As Deshaun Watson recovers from a November shoulder surgery and has had limited starts in the past two seasons, the Browns understand the significance of having a reliable backup option. Mary Kay Cabot of has suggested two possible paths for the Browns: a reunion with Flacco or a reunion with Jacoby Brissett, who started 11 games for the team in the 2022 season.

Cabot notes that Flacco, who recently turned 39, played a crucial role in saving the Browns’ season and could be considered for a backup role if he doesn’t find a starting opportunity elsewhere. Similarly, Brissett, 31, could be an option if he doesn’t secure a starting role elsewhere. Brissett has experience with the team and is familiar with the system, although it may change under a new coordinator.

Brissett had led the Browns to a 4-7 record in the past, but the team believes that with the current roster and improved defense, he could potentially achieve a .500 record or better if called upon for an extended period.

Flacco, expressing his love for the team and openness to a return, remains interested in an opportunity for a starting job. However, the Browns face the challenge of deciding between Flacco and Brissett, both of whom have expressed interest in potential starting opportunities.

Flacco, who gained popularity among fans for his role in the team’s 4-1 record down the stretch, may be the preferred choice due to his success and connection with the fan base. Nevertheless, the decision could hinge on the offseason developments and the potential for both quarterbacks to secure starting roles elsewhere. Flacco, reflecting on his time with the Browns, expressed gratitude for the opportunity and indicated that he is open to returning but prefers not to rush into any decisions about his future.

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