The Seattle Seahawks are set to welcome a new head coach for the upcoming season, having parted ways with Pete Carroll after his 14-season tenure at the helm. John Schneider, the long-serving general manager, is leading the charge in the quest for the team’s next coach. Former Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright recently shared his insights on the qualities the team needs in its next head coach during the “K.J. Wright Show” on Seattle Sports.

Wright emphasized the importance of leadership as the paramount characteristic for the Seahawks’ next coach. He stressed the need for a coach who can guide and inspire the team, instill discipline, and foster accountability among players who often possess substantial egos and financial rewards. According to Wright, leadership transcends play-calling proficiency or appearance; it’s about being a phenomenal leader above all else.

Accountability, in particular, holds significant weight, as players closely observe the actions and decisions of their coach. Wright likened players to little kids, noting their tendency to gauge boundaries and test what they can get away with, akin to sneaking into a cookie jar despite being told otherwise.

When it comes to suggesting a potential candidate, K.J. Wright expressed his preference for a familiar face—Dan Quinn. Quinn, who served as Seattle’s defensive coordinator during 2013 and 2014, played a crucial role in the Seahawks’ Super Bowl appearances in both those seasons, winning one. After his stint with Seattle, Quinn spent six years as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, leading the team to a Super Bowl appearance. He has since served as the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys.

Wright lauded Quinn’s ability to bring out the best in players, citing his success in putting together a top-five defense in the recent past. He highlighted Quinn’s familiarity with the team’s culture and his capacity to build a proper staff. Wright expressed trust in Quinn’s capability to compete with other division coaches like Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay, emphasizing Quinn’s face-to-face, love-driven, and intense approach to coaching.

Reflecting on Quinn’s potential role in following Carroll’s footsteps, Wright anticipated a continuation of a similar culture, believing that too much change may not be the desired direction for the organization. He spoke to Quinn’s ability to maintain a sense of continuity while also bringing new insights gained from his experiences since leaving Seattle. Ultimately, Wright expressed confidence in Quinn’s ability to find success with the Seahawks, emphasizing the trust he places in Quinn’s leadership style and approach to coaching.

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