Miles Kitselman is making a move to Tennessee, as the talented tight end from Alabama announces his decision to transfer to the Tennessee Volunteers.

This addition is a strategic move by Tennessee to strengthen their offensive lineup, specifically focusing on fortifying their tight end group.

On Friday night, the Volunteers successfully recruited Miles Kitselman, a 6’5, 250-pound junior transfer from Alabama’s Lyndon High School. This marks the second addition to the tight end position from the transfer portal, with Holden Staes from Notre Dame being the initial transfer.

The acquisition of Kitselman is of paramount importance for Tennessee, especially as they face the departure of McCallan Castles and Jacob Warren due to eligibility losses. With a predominantly young tight end group, Kitselman’s presence adds valuable experience. The Volunteers now have 3–4 reliable options at the tight end position, including Kitselman, Staes, Davis, and Okoye. Despite not recording a catch in his 13 games with the Crimson Tide, Kitselman is expected to have more opportunities at Tennessee.

Tennessee has a reputation for using their tight ends uniquely, as seen in recent seasons with players like Princeton Fant, Jacob Warren, and McCallan Castles. While the specific strategy for utilizing players in the tight end position remains uncertain, the Volunteers have significantly improved the balance and depth of this group, addressing the youth of their student-athletes. The tight end room now features a mix of experienced transfers, talented freshmen, and overall playmakers.

The Tennessee tight end roster now includes Holden Staes (Transfer), Ethan Davis (Redshirt Freshman), Cole Harrison (True Freshman), Miles Kitselman (Transfer), and Emmanuel Okoye (Redshirt Freshman). As Tennessee navigates a period of conference realignment and the introduction of 12-team playoffs, the impact of these additions will be closely monitored.

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