The LA Rams have exceeded expectations, especially after their 5-12 season in 2022. Achieving a 40% increase in wins was the mark of success for this year, meaning reaching just seven wins would signify significant improvement.

With 15 games played, the Rams stand at 8-7, potentially reaching a 10-7 record by season’s end. Whether they secure a playoff spot or not, full credit is due to the team and its young players for this turnaround.

This resurgence wasn’t accidental. Despite a shift from their successful strategy of developing players from modest beginnings, the Rams redirected their focus in 2023. They emphasized cultivating talented prospects for future success, reviving their roots.

To achieve this, the coaching staff underwent enhancements in communication, education, and talent optimization for young NFL prospects. However, this approach was ambitious, with nearly two-thirds of the training camp roster consisting of rookies and second-year players.

The Rams leaned on their talented NFL coaches for support. Identifying the key coaches critical for the team’s success in 2024 became essential.

Initially, the list was broader, contemplating the significance of coaches like Eric Yarber, the WR Coach, with 11 impactful years. Yet, despite his contributions, his potential move to another NFL team remains uncertain. Special Teams Coordinator Chase Blackburn faced challenges restocking the special teams roster, leading to less impressive results than expected in 2023.

Identifying the top five irreplaceable coaches for the Rams in 2024 became crucial:

1. Ron Gould, RB Coach: His expertise elevated the Rams’ running game, orchestrating optimal performances despite setbacks due to injuries, ultimately propelling Kyren Williams to a 1,000-yard rushing season.

2. Aubrey Pleasant, DB Coach: Despite initial pessimism, Pleasant’s influence reshaped the Rams’ secondary, exceeding expectations with a minimal investment compared to other NFL teams.

3. Ryan Wendall, OL Coach: His impact translated into a more robust offensive line, significantly improving the Rams’ performance in both protecting the quarterback and boosting rushing yards.

4. Mike LaFleur, OC: LaFleur’s underestimated addition contributed significantly to the Rams’ improved running game. His influence prompted upgrades in positional coaches, serving as the linchpin for offensive progress.

5. Eric Henderson, DL Coach: Beyond his role coaching defensive linemen, Henderson’s motivational prowess and #DAWGWORK philosophy have been transformative, instilling discipline and work ethic among players.

The Rams’ 2023 progress wasn’t effortless; it required laying a solid foundation through hard work and dedication, signaling potential for future success.

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