Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy highlighted that Sam Howell’s benching wasn’t due to a singular issue but rather a combination of factors. Ultimately, the coaching staff collectively agreed that Jacoby Brissett had proven himself deserving of starting the last two games, pointing out Howell’s inability to perform up to expectations.

According to Bieniemy, Howell’s performance fell short, although pinpointing the exact cause isn’t straightforward. Conversely, Brissett’s entry into the game ignited a positive momentum shift. He praised the camaraderie within the quarterback team, emphasizing their mutual support despite the challenging circumstances. Bieniemy acknowledged the team’s overall struggle, noting that quarterbacks face intensified scrutiny during such periods. However, he expressed optimism about Howell’s potential and urged him to focus on studying film, asking questions, and continuing to grow professionally.

Speaking of Brissett, Bieniemy commended his impressive performance when substituting for Howell, mentioning how he injected energy and vitality into the team.

Despite initially entrusting Howell with the starting position at the beginning of the season, the decision hasn’t yielded the expected results. At this stage, any positive impact Brissett brings seems insufficient to alter the course for the Commanders.

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