Will Levis, the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback, is contending with an ankle injury ahead of their upcoming match against the Houston Texans. Despite the Titans being out of the running for the AFC playoffs, Levis remains committed to being fit for Sunday’s game against their division rival. He expressed his determination to contribute and finish the season on a strong note, emphasizing that he’s taking each day as it comes, working closely with trainers to expedite his recovery.

Levis’ focus isn’t swayed by the absence of playoff prospects. He maintains a competitive mindset, expressing his eagerness to play and win games, aiming to conclude the season positively despite earlier setbacks. The upcoming game against the Texans presents an opportunity for redemption and showcasing an improved team performance, something he finds exciting.

While the Titans hold a 5-10 record, this match holds significance for the Texans in their pursuit of a playoff spot with an 8-7 standing. Despite the Titans being out of contention, a win against them is crucial for the Texans’ playoff aspirations. The game is scheduled for Sunday at 12 p.m. CT and will be broadcast on FOX.

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