The Minnesota Vikings currently find themselves in a challenging position. Following a 30-24 loss to the Detroit Lions, their playoff aspirations and quarterback situation have taken a hit.

Nick Mullens showcased a decent performance on Sunday, yet despite displaying commendable decision-making skills, his seven turnover-worthy plays raise doubts about his ability to drive success from the quarterback position.

The team’s alternatives include Josh Dobbs, previously benched, and rookie Jaren Hall, who faced an early concussion during his sole start.

Head coach Kevin O’Connell hasn’t confirmed a starter for the upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers but mentioned evaluating all three choices. So, who might be the best option for the Vikings? Let’s delve into each candidate:

Nick Mullens

Mullens, in his two starts, hasn’t been outstanding but hasn’t been subpar either. He epitomizes a backup-level quarterback, delivering moments of quality quarterback play intermittently. His performance against the Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions reflects this, supported by statistical metrics:

– 69.5% completion rate
– 797 yards
– 4 big-time throws (4.7%)
– 9 turnover-worthy plays (9.4%)
– 11.5 yards average depth of target (aDOT)
– 23.3% pressure to sack rate

Despite making good decisions, Mullens’ struggle lies in executing throws. His interceptions against the Lions stemmed from poor throws despite accurate reads, indicating an inconsistency in NFL standards. Mullens’ ratio of big-time throws to turnover-worthy plays (1:2) illustrates his unpredictability. While capable of winning a game or two, limiting interceptions (29 against 31 touchdowns) remains his challenge.

Josh Dobbs

The Dobbs situation presents an intriguing dilemma. Benched earlier, his performance wasn’t solely to blame, as receiver drops impacted his gameplay. Reinstating Dobbs prompts questions: Would there be adjustments or new strategies for him? Could he improve timing with route concepts despite limited practice reps?

Jaren Hall

Hall, the buzz around the Vikings roster, had a brief outing due to injury. As a fifth-round pick, he started against the Atlanta Falcons but exited early due to a concussion. However, his brief appearance showed composure, completing 8-of-10 passes for 101 yards without turnovers or risky plays. Hall’s limited exposure sparks curiosity about his potential and merits exploration.

The decision for the Vikings is multifaceted. Their culture emphasizes winning, making immediate success crucial. However, Mullens’ underperformance and mounting injuries alter the equation. Considering Hall as the potential solution for the next two games might be reasonable. While uncertain, focusing on the future and experimenting with Hall at quarterback could yield valuable insights for the team.

In conclusion, given the circumstances, Jaren Hall emerges as a viable option.

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