Missouri Tigers football coach Eli Drinkwitz engaged in discussions with head linesman Carl Gioia during a game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Faurot Field. Embracing an “all hands on deck” approach, Missouri football has adopted unconventional strategies for the upcoming Cotton Bowl clash against Ohio State, marking their most anticipated game since the 2013 Cotton Bowl. Coach Eli Drinkwitz is utilizing the transfer portal as a strategic advantage, aiming to retain the 2023 roster for a collective final effort.

Stressing the importance of team identity over individuality, Drinkwitz emphasized the unity within the team. While Ohio State faces departures, Drinkwitz openly stated that departing players from Missouri would still have opportunities to play in the game against the Buckeyes. This contrasts with Ohio State’s situation, as several of their players, including starting quarterback Kyle McCord, have entered the transfer portal.

Despite potential departures, Missouri’s defense, which has displayed resilience throughout the season, remains largely intact, providing valuable experience and depth for the Cotton Bowl showdown. Drinkwitz acknowledges the challenge of preparing for Ohio State’s new quarterback while highlighting the importance of his team’s adaptability.

Drinkwitz’s unconventional decision to allow transferring players the chance to participate could potentially yield positive outcomes. If Missouri emerges victorious in the Cotton Bowl, this strategic move might influence future approaches in college football, especially concerning bowl games and player opt-outs.

Thanks to the transfer portal, Missouri can rely on its roster depth as an advantage in the game, although the coach acknowledges that the Cotton Bowl won’t be an easy feat.

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