Joe Flacco’s recent performances have made a resounding statement in the NFL, signaling that he’s far from being done as a starting quarterback. In response, Cleveland Browns fans and media are showing overwhelming confidence and support. Flacco stepped into the starting role less than a month ago, having spent most of the season sidelined not due to injury, but due to a general lack of interest across the league. However, after just four games, there are increasing suggestions that the Browns should consider benching Deshaun Watson in favor of Flacco on a permanent basis.

Media outlets and personalities are highlighting Flacco’s stellar play over the past three weeks, which have resulted in wins for the Browns, even claiming he’s an elite quarterback based on his statistics. Flacco himself remains focused on winning games and downplays personal achievements, emphasizing the team’s success.

Meanwhile, there’s teasing and criticism directed at Watson for his expensive contract compared to Flacco’s performance. Even rivals and commentators from other teams are suggesting that the Browns stick with Flacco instead of Watson, citing potential playoff success under Flacco’s leadership versus a perceived regression with Watson.

However, the obstacle to replacing Watson with Flacco permanently lies in Watson’s substantial contract with the Browns, despite his off-field controversies. Flacco aims to continue playing and might seek a starting opportunity elsewhere in 2024, possibly even in Cleveland if offered a legitimate chance. But the team faces financial complexities due to its expensive roster and previous investments in the quarterback position.

For now, both Flacco and the Browns are focused on maximizing the current season. However, if Flacco sustains his high level of play, discussions about the team’s future at the quarterback position will undoubtedly arise once this season concludes.

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