The Pittsburgh Steelers have secured their quarterback, and it’s crucial not to entertain the idea of switching. Regardless of Kenny Pickett’s status, this team has finally located a capable QB, and it’s not wise to tamper with that stability.

Mason Rudolph showcased remarkable skill in his first game since 2021. He displayed composure, confidence, and genuine NFL quarterbacking ability. There were minimal mistakes, if any, and several moments that highlighted his impressive decision-making.

For the past two years, the Steelers lacked a quarterback who could swiftly and thoughtfully navigate through his progressions, a trait evident in Rudolph’s performance against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Furthermore, Rudolph’s proficiency in throwing deep passes addressed a crucial need for the Steelers’ offense. Unlike previous attempts with Trubisky or Pickett, Rudolph’s deep shots translated into impactful plays and touchdowns.

Mike Tomlin described Rudolph as being true to his style—confident, aggressive, and displaying minimal rust despite limited playtime.

Compared to Rudolph’s prior stint as a starter, his current arsenal of offensive weapons surpasses what he previously had. Moving forward, it’s imperative to stick with him. Despite the Steelers’ 8-7 record and their position outside the AFC playoff picture, they must win the remaining two games to vie for a playoff spot.

This isn’t the time to revert to Pickett simply because he started the season. Instead, it’s the moment to capitalize on Rudolph’s momentum and hope for his continued growth.

For now, the Steelers have the quarterback they need, and there’s no urgency to alter that situation unless circumstances demand it.

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