JJ McCarthy has consistently elevated his style throughout the season, and once again, he’s taken it up a notch specifically for the Rose Bowl. Even before the season kicked off, McCarthy turned heads by donning a visor, a sleek addition to his look that fans admired. Sporting an undefeated record while wearing it, he’s now revamped his appearance yet again, this time focusing on his cleats.

The adjustment is subtle yet strikingly impressive. His classy maize and blue Jordan 1 cleats feature a simple red and green rose design, creating a standout element at the back of the footwear. This design pays homage to Michigan’s historical jumbo shoulder patches worn during past Rose Bowl appearances.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this choice of footwear underscores the significance of McCarthy’s performance, particularly against Alabama. Recognizing the threat posed by Alabama’s quarterback Jalen Milroe as a proficient runner, it’s crucial for Michigan that McCarthy effectively utilizes his own running abilities. Whatever the outcome, McCarthy’s performance is set to unfold in a stylish manner, emphasizing his number 9.

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