Andy Reid delivered a moving speech, discloses how assisting Michael Vick is crucial to Rashee Rice’s future with the Chiefs.

Andy Reid recently delivered a moving speech at a fundraising event in New York City, focusing on themes of redemption and the principles behind his team’s success.

His emotional recounting of former quarterback Michael Vick’s second chance deeply resonated with the audience.

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Reid became emotional as he described giving Vick another opportunity in the NFL after Vick’s 21-month prison sentence for involvement in dog fighting.

Once a groundbreaking quarterback and Pro Bowl star, Vick faced severe personal and professional setbacks, including incarceration and bankruptcy.

Reid’s decision to support Vick’s return to football stemmed from his belief in forgiveness and second chances, concepts rooted in his faith.

“It was all self-inflicted,” Vick told the Post. “I was young. I didn’t have any guidance. I don’t use this as an excuse. I could’ve said, ‘No.’ I could’ve made the right decisions, like, ‘This ain’t for me.’ That’s a blemish that I will never be able to erase.”

Reid shared insights into the Chiefs’ winning strategy, known as “The Formula,” a four-part slogan prominently displayed in the team’s facilities, encapsulating the values that have driven the Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

Reid explained that these principles were developed during Vick’s challenging return to the NFL and are inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, reflecting a blend of faith and perseverance.

“This guy was the greatest player in the National Football League at one time,” Reid said. “He was the leader of the pack. The largest Nike contract ever went to Michael Vick. He was a hip-hop star. He was it, and he was the guy.

“When he comes out [of prison], he’s 20 pounds heavier, his family has abandoned him—other than his wife, his family has abandoned him. All the people involved in the situation he had abandoned him. None of them came to visit him when he was in jail.

“So now he comes out, and he’s wondering, ‘Am I ever gonna get back into the National Football League?'”