After finishing my freshman and sophomore years at Texas A&M and Arkansas, I entered the transfer portal for the second time during my early college years.

After completing my freshman and sophomore years at Texas A&M and Arkansas, I entered the transfer portal for the second time in my early college career, seeking a new opportunity for personal and athletic development. After discussions with the coaching staff at Brigham Young University (BYU), I felt assured that it was the right fit for me. In late June 2022, I made the journey from Oklahoma to Utah, my new home. I quickly settled into a routine with coaches and teammates, working tirelessly in preparation for the upcoming season. Shortly after relocating, I formed a strong bond with teammate Noah Waterman, both of us being transfers and first-year players at BYU.

Starting in the fall of 2022, I continued training with my teammates and coaches on a regular practice schedule. Coach Mark Pope kicked off the semester with his tradition of two-a-day practices, beginning at six in the morning with intensive shooting sessions, followed by afternoon practices focused on team strategies and plays for the season.

Having competed in the Southeastern Conference for two seasons, I was excited to join BYU and compete in its final year in the West Coast Conference (WCC). After a challenging year in the WCC, we were eager to improve during the offseason to prepare for our first year in the Big XII.

During the offseason, Coach Pope ensured our team was focused and prepared for hard work. I spent countless hours in the gym honing my jumpshot and ball handling skills in anticipation of our Foreign Tour in Croatia and Italy. This trip not only allowed us to bond as a team but also provided competitive opportunities against professional club teams, including playing against Kresimir Cosic’s team and learning from his family and life experiences.

Following this tour, our team was better prepared for the upcoming season. We continued with rigorous two-a-day practices, emphasizing consistent shooting and overall fitness as a team.

After a productive offseason, we were eager to demonstrate our progress. We started our non-conference schedule with a strong 12-1 record and were ranked No. 14 in the AP Poll. During this stretch, we participated in the Las Vegas Showdown and secured victories against Arizona State and North Carolina State.

Transitioning to our conference schedule, we faced tough competition but started with a 2-4 record. Recognizing the need for improvement, we made necessary adjustments. Subsequently, we achieved notable wins against teams such as Texas, Baylor, and Kansas, positioning ourselves well in the league standings.