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Any time an NHL record has been reached by just five players in history and the four others are Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux and McDavid, it’s a pretty remarkable and historic feat. And it’s just another example of how special this season has been for Kucherov.

Kucherov’s assists have been game-changing for the Lightning. The winger has had a point on almost 51 percent of Tampa Bay’s goals this year, and his playmaking has been a driving force behind that. At five-on-five, he has been one of the premier puck-movers in the offensive zone. He is among the best in the league with his primary shot assists that directly set up his teammates’ shots. With Kucherov, the quality of his passing really matches up with the volume; he is one of the leaders this season in scoring chance assists, according to Corey Sznajder’s tracking at AllThreeZones.

According to The Athletic’s Dom Luszczyzsyzn’s model, primary helpers are worth 93 percent of a goal and secondary assists are 73 percent. So Kucherov’s 100 assists are comparable to about 84 goals, to put his scoring in perspective.

Kucherov, the 2018 Hart Trophy winner, is in a heated race with McDavid, ong case for it, as Kucherov’s 144 points this season are the second most recorded in a single season by a player born outside North America (the most is Jaromír Jágr, 62-87-149).