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The New Orleans Saints defense has been the backbone of the team for a while at this point. Since the retirement of Drew Brees, the defense has bore a significantly heavier weight.

Offense has sputtered due to injuries and inconsistencies. The hope is Klint Kubiak joining as offensive coordinator will give an immediate benefit and lessen the weight the defense has to carry. However, the Saints can’t slack up defensively if they want to maximize their potential in 2024.

The Saints pass defense was strong despite having a lackluster pass rush. Marshon Lattimore and Paulson Adebo still form a strong tandem on the outside. Alontae Taylor and Kool-Aid McKinstry battle it out on the inside, but both have the ability to play on the outside.

The defensive strength still lies in the secondary. Dennis Allen cannot, however, continue to ask them to cover up for a nearly nonexistent pass rush. Getting after the quarterback is the headliner, but the Saints also struggled to stop the run. Last year they tied for 28th in sacks and ranked 22nd in rushing yards allowed.

For as strong as the Saints defense has been over the last two years, the trenches haven’t been great. Allen understands the value in strengthening the unit and signing Chase Young is the latest attempt to accomplish this over nearly a decade.

If there was one Achilles’ heel on an otherwise strong unit, the New Orleans Saints defensive line would be it. Their limitations haven’t caught up to the Saints yet. In order for it not to happen in 2024, recent signings and draft picks must step up to the plate.