Patty Gasso acknowledged that Oklahoma players were “embarrassed” by their performance but emphasized that she isn’t concerned or panicking about it.

Patty Gasso, known for her perspective, offered insight into the recent end of Oklahoma’s long winning streak. She mentioned that the team felt a sense of embarrassment following their unexpected loss to Louisiana. Gasso emphasized that while the defeat highlighted areas needing improvement—such as defense, pitching, batting, and base running—she remains unworried. At a press conference, she clarified that it’s possible for the team to acknowledge their mistakes while maintaining confidence in their abilities.

Despite the setback, Gasso reaffirmed the high standards expected at Oklahoma, where consistent, fundamental play is crucial. Reflecting on past experiences, including a rough game during a previous World Series that led to a national championship, Gasso expressed confidence that the team would learn from their errors and improve.

Looking ahead, Oklahoma faces upcoming games against Texas A&M-Commerce and Iowa State, signaling the start of Big 12 Conference play. Gasso highlighted the need to focus on immediate challenges rather than dwelling on past defeats, emphasizing preparation and readiness for upcoming competitive matches.