Blake Hinson, a forward from Pitt, is ranked among the top 75 prospects.

Blake Hinson of the Pitt Panthers is showing promising signs ahead of this week’s NBA Draft, eagerly anticipating his future in professional basketball.

In his NBA 2024 Draft Guide, The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie ranked Hinson at No. 71. Vecenie highlighted Hinson’s physical attributes—standing at 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, with a wingspan of 6-foot-10 1/4 and a standing reach of 8-foot-7—which enable him to excel at both small forward and power forward positions. As a wing, Hinson utilizes his size advantage to dominate smaller guards and challenge taller forwards.

Vecenie praised Hinson’s shooting prowess, noting his ability to make 3-pointers from various spots on the court. Hinson’s success beyond the NBA 3-point line, where he hit 38% of his attempts from distances exceeding 25 feet, underscores his shooting range and versatility.

However, Vecenie expressed concerns about Hinson’s lack of explosiveness, evident in his vertical leap and combine performance, which affects his efficiency near the rim. Additionally, Vecenie pointed out weaknesses in Hinson’s mid-range game, floater, and occasional shot selection, as well as defensive challenges against quicker opponents.

Despite these critiques, Hinson’s exceptional shooting skills make him a valuable prospect. Vecenie highlighted that Hinson’s shooting ability alone justifies consideration, comparing him favorably to other prospects in his draft class.

Recently, Hinson showcased his talents at the G-League Elite Camp, delivering a standout performance with 18 points and solid contributions across various statistical categories.

During his tenure at Pitt, Hinson made significant contributions, particularly in his final season, averaging 18.5 points per game while shooting over 40% from behind the arc, earning him All-ACC First Team honors.

If selected in the NBA Draft alongside fellow Panther Bub Carrington, it would mark a significant achievement for Pitt, potentially doubling their draft selections for the first time since 2009.