Avery Johnson is prepared to take charge under Coach Chris Klieman at Kansas State in what could be a pivotal season for the Wildcats.

Kansas State quarterback Avery Johnson’s standout performance in 2023 prompted Will Howard’s transfer out of the program. Despite Howard’s previous success, including winning the 2022 Big 12 Championship Game, Johnson emerged as the future leader at Kansas State. The Wildcats are poised for a strong 2024 season under Johnson’s guidance.

Avery Johnson, steadfast and loyal amidst recent changes, demonstrated his commitment to Kansas State despite unexpected coaching transitions, notably offensive coordinator Collin Klein’s departure. Klein, a former Heisman Trophy finalist and key figure in K-State’s history, left for a coaching position at Texas A&M, testing the team’s resolve. However, Johnson remained resolute in his dedication to the Wildcats, emphasizing his strong bonds within the K-State community and his deep-rooted ties to Kansas.

Johnson’s impact was evident even as a freshman in 2023, where he showcased superior athleticism and game-changing abilities. Following Howard’s departure, Johnson led Kansas State to a victorious Pop-Tarts Bowl appearance, solidifying his role as the team’s future quarterback.

Praised for his maturity and work ethic, Johnson has become a vocal leader within the Wildcats’ ranks, holding himself and his teammates to high standards. His commitment to continuous improvement and team accountability underscores his leadership style and determination to elevate Kansas State’s football program.

Heading into the 2024 season, Johnson’s dynamic playmaking abilities, supported by a seasoned offensive line, position Kansas State as a formidable contender in the Big 12. Coach Chris Klieman’s adaptive coaching approach and strategic innovations further enhance the team’s prospects, suggesting a potential championship run and a spot in the expanded College Football Playoff.

With Johnson at the helm, Kansas State embraces the upcoming season with optimism and determination, poised to make a significant impact in collegiate football.