While most people have a definitive list of the greatest San Francisco 49ers of all time, let’s turn the tables and delve into a more contentious topic-the players who, at one point, you simply couldn’t stand on the Niners.

Today, we’re opening the floor to discuss some of the least-liked players in franchise history. There are no limits, no statute of limitations, and certainly no cap on the number of players you can nominate.

The 49ers have seen plenty of peaks and valleys throughout their history. During the previous 15 years, they’ve either been one of the three to five best teams in the NFL or on the other end of the spectru

Kyle Shanahan has done a masterful job turning this franchise around when considering where it was from 2014-2018. Jim Harbaugh did the same thing, but 2003-2010 were the dark ages. But it’s not as if Niners fans have endured torture in the same way others have, as the success before the 2000s rivals just about any team you can think of.

Before Shanahan and John Lynch restocked the cupboard full of talent, fans had high hopes for players such as Dante Pettis and Ahkello Witherspoon, but neither could reach their projected ceiling. I don’t blame Solomon Thomas for his shortcomings, as it was an organizational error to take him so high in the draft.

I don’t want to use the word “hate” here because when you go to the mid-2000s rosters, it was more of a talent and coaching issue than anything. For example, the trio of Tim Rattay, Kevin Barlow, and Rashaun Woods weren’t competing with the Peyton Manning-Marvin Harrison-Edgerrin James trios of the world. Ahmed Plummer and Mike Rumph were surrounded by stars in college, making their projection to the NFL more difficult.

You could always reference a player from a Championship-caliber team. We’ve witnessed offensive linemen or backup defensive backs in the spotlight, which cost the 49ers at crucial times during the playoffs. Perhaps you remember a player from the 80s or 90s that you couldn’t stand. Perhaps it’s a lesser known name that was a high draft pick who disappointed, like Kwame Harris.

It’s also worth noting that this player doesn’t have to “suck,” either. There is always somebody on the other side of the coin for a star player who is always talking or throwing his greatness in your face. Some people cannot stand Michael Crabtree after he got off on the wrong foot with his contract.